i-USEr is the biennial conference for the Human Computer Interaction and Malaysia's leading conference for the latest in HCI research and practice. This conference provides a platform for researchers, practitioners and industries to explore and discuss innovative studies of technology and its application in interfaces and welcomes completed research, work in progress and case studies. i-USEr attracts a broad community of researchers, industry practitioners, academics and students.

Conference Theme

As HCI/UX researchers and designers, the projects that we work on have some relevant global issues. For example, digital design work and the Internet can leave a surprisingly large amount of carbon footprint, thus polluting our environment. Similarly, every site or service we produce does some level of harm to our users. Sustainability is one of the many aspects that we need to consider in order to make a successful and responsible IT product. Often enough, it’s not considered at all. Just because our work is often intangible, it does not mean that it does not affect the environment, economy or society. Getting users or even the UX designers to opt in to sustainable choices can be tricky—after all, we are probably asking them to sacrifice some of their resources or convenience. In line with these global directions, i-USEr 2023 chose "Redesign Norms" as the theme for this conference. The theme of this conference focuses on the change of the landscape in technology design in the post of Covid-19 crisis. i-USEr 2023 open the avenues to the various improvement efforts and technological inventions for the daily activities of society in adapting the user experience to the new norm.